Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is a more informal time when adults can gather and study a variety of topics, whether it be a book of Scripture or ways to apply the Bible to all of life.  Some classes meet during first hour, others during second hour. 


Winter 2017

First Hour

Our Spiritual Union With Christ

This class will be a Biblical, theological and practical study of the doctrine of the believers spiritual Union with Christ. Rightly understanding this doctrine is of incredible importance to the Christian life. In fact, as the esteemed theologian Professor John Murray said: "Union with Christ is the central truth of the whole doctrine of Salvation." (Redemption accomplished and applied, page 170). That being said, you can see the benefit that such a study will have upon our spiritual life of faith. So, we will examine the necessity and nature of this union, how it comes about in our lives, the personal riches of this union, and much more. The truth presented in this class may just change your life forever. 

Teacher: Richard Goswiller


Stewardship Beyond Finances

As part of the creation mandate, God gave man and women all the needed anf gave them dominion over all the earth. Everything that God has given us is of his loving grace and for his purposes, and we are to be good stewards of these gifts and blessings. This class will examine stewardship of life, the scriptures, time, relationships, gifts and talents, work, possessions, citizenship, and creation/environment. the class will involve some lecture as well as some inductive study and discussion. 

Teachers: Randy Hepler and Jim McGuire 


Second Hour


This general epistle written to the churches in Asia Minor is in the same pattern of Paul's epistles. The first half is doctrine while the second is practical living. In Ephesians, Paul teaches the church about their identity and calling in Christ and then presents what living out of that identiy can calling looks like in day-to-day living and relationships.

Teacher: Ed Saadi


Vine and Branches

Vine and Branches seeks to connect young adults to Christ as we abide in him. 

Every young adult is welcome to attend Vine and Branches Sunday School, starting at 10:45am across the filed in the barn, also known as the Community Center. First time attendees and regular participants are welcome and encouraged to come and learn with us. Coffee and snacks are provided. There is always a place for you here. 

Currently we are studying the book of Daniel. We will be learning what does it mean to live as an exile in a land not your own. We will learning from Daniel how do we stand for the truth in a land that is hostile to Christ and the Gospel. 

For more information contact Paul Fulbright at