About CEFC

What is CEFC's affiliation?

Committed to the full authority of the Bible . . . and to develop people as fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Community Evangelical Free Church is a local congregation of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). The EFCA is a denomination that is both conservative and progressive. In theology it is conservative, committed to the full authority of the Bible, believing in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith, and affirming that salvation is offered by grace through faith in Christ. At the same time, it is a progressive church, eager to present people with the good news of life with God in Christ, to develop people as fully-devoted followers of Christ, and to apply the truths of the Bible to both personal and social problems in creative ways. Yet, if you are familiar with other Evangelical Free Churches, we are probably slightly different from those you may have attended. We are Reformed, rather than neutral, in our theological inclination, meaning that we are persuaded of God's sovereignty over faith and life, and of our need for a world and life view steeped in His grace. We are also more elder-ruled than many EFCA churches.

What kind of people are attracted to CEFC?

We welcome all who want to make CEFC their church home. We find that the people who most often "settle" here are people who:

  • want to be challenged by serious teaching about the Bible that makes them think.
  • want to be part of a church that ministers to the whole family.
  • are interested in what the Bible alone says about real life.
  • want to live lives of obedience that flow out of a sense of already being forgiven rather than flowing out of an attempt to earn God's forgiveness.